The Dr. Yum Project offers a series of FREE resources for families to gain information and inspiration on how to involve the whole family in planning meals and cooking at home.

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During this extended time at home, one fun thing families can do is bring everyone together to create a customized recipe using ingredients you have on hand with Meal-O-Matic. It’s also a great way to let older kids be in charge of dinner.

Live Meal-o-Matic Cooking CLasses

Let's get together virtually and make a delicious dinner out of whatever you have on hand. Learn how easy it is to use Dr. Yum's Meal-O-Matic (it's free!) to create your own masterpiece. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure recipe! We intentionally keep these classes small so everyone can be seen and heard. Check out the full schedule here.

Tickets are free but limited so sign up on our Classes Page today.

YouTube Videos

Check out Dr. Yum's YouTube channel for a wide array of topics including:

Facebook Live Recordings

Our Facebook page also has a ton of great resources including :


Check out our catalog of 200 easy, delicious, and healthy recipes. You can also search by tags including budget friendly to find dinners for $2.50 or less per serving, cook once, eat twice making weekly menu planning a breeze, snacks to help pass on the processed foods in the snack isle and 28 more!

Free Baby Food Webinar

Want to find out how your baby can establish a lifetime of healthy eating habits starting from the very first bites? Check out Dr. Yum’s Baby Food Adventure. It's normally an in-person class for parents and babies at the Dr. Yum Project Kitchen, but during this time at home, parents from all over can access this class as a free one hour webinar. We will talk about:

  • how to start introducing baby food
  • how to make your own baby foods
  • the latest trends and research in feeding babies
  • ideas for adventurous finger foods
  • show you how to adapt Dr. Yum's family recipes into foods for your little one

Dr. Yum's Favorite Foods

Learn how to use more than 50 different produce items and other ingredients using Dr. Yum’s Favorite Foods. You’ll learn all about the nutritional benefits, how to store, and recipes to use with each ingredient.

Dr. Yum’s Blog

The Dr. Yum Project team not only includes a pediatrician but a Registered Dietitian, feeding therapist, early childhood education specialist, and more who share our expertise and experiences. Topics include:

Instructional Videos with Chef Joy Crump

Not sure how to cut an onion or peel a mango? No problem! Dr. Yum and Chef Joy Crump have a series of instructional videos to show adults and kids how to prep these foods and more with ease.

Food Education Flyers

At this difficult time, we know there are families struggling with food insecurity. In our community, partners are all working together to make shelf-stable and fresh food available to anyone with a need. Dr. Yum is providing these flyers outlining the tools on our free website to all food access partners. We invite them, and you, to print and include with food distribution.