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We are celebrating 10 years of empowering families and communities to overcome barriers to eating well.

Check out our 2022 impact statement below, and see how your 2023 support will help us reach these new ambitious goals that seemed unimaginable a few short years ago!

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2023 Impact Goals:

Double Enrollment of the 15,000+ students currently on Dr. Yum's Preschool Food Adventure by expanding into 10 more states

Conduct Rigorous Research to confirm current promising findings about the Adventure

Add 10 states to the current 29 hosting Dr. Yum Physician Partners by introducing the "26 Obesity Touchpoints Curriculum"

Grow to 100,000+ families a year accessing DoctorYum.org via the expansion of Preschool and Physician Partner programs

Strengthen National Partnerships to serve hundreds of thousands of families nationwide

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