Think it's too expensive to cook and eat healthily? Think again! Check out these 5 money-saving healthy hacks:

1. Dr. Yum’s Meal-o-Matic: The average family throws away about 250 pounds of food; that’s close to $2,000 in the trash! Dr. Yum’s Meal-o-Matic to the rescue! It’s designed to help you make a few basic recipes with the ingredients you already have in the fridge rather than tossing them. Design your own personalized meals based on the ingredients you have on hand, your favorite flavors, or your own dietary needs. No matter what your skill level is in the kitchen, using the meal•o•matic is easy and fun for the whole family!

2. Dr. Yum’s Meal Planner: Why spend precious money (and time!) running to the grocery store multiple times a week?!? Finding a few recipes that use the same ingredients and knowing they are there for the cooking saves tons!

3. Budget-Friendly recipes: these are not just delicious but easy on the budget.

4. No need to buy special finger foods for the youngest eaters: check out these 10 ideas for finger foods for babies and toddlers that come straight from your plate.

5. One Family, One Meal: Why spend the money to cook multiple meals for different family members? Show your baby how to eat the same nutritious food as you do from the start. These yummy baby food option recipes can be easily adapted for your baby at any stage.