February is American Heart Month! Support your cardiovascular health this month and beyond by trying some of these heart-healthy Dr. Yum Project recipes.

Roasted Balsamic Beets Roasting is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to cook most vegetables and beets are no exception. Their purple-red color makes them extra fun for Heart Month!

Fennel and Orange Salad This fresh citrus salad showcases the variety of oranges that are available this time of year. Avocado and an olive oil dressing add a nice dose of healthy fats.

Pomegranate Pear Salsa Pomegranates and pears are both at their best this time of year. Try this fruit salsa as a dip with chips, as a topper for meats or fish, or as a side salad.

Tuna P. Wiggle This recipe uses lots of fridge and pantry staples to make a simple and easy entree. It’s also an affordable way to add heart healthy seafood to your diet with the addition of canned tuna.

Purple Power Smoothie A surprising secret ingredient, beets, gives this smoothie its bright purple color. Packed with fiber and potassium from a variety of fruits and veggies, this is a great heart healthy option. Plus, it's a kid favorite!

Crunchy Cauliflower Salad Raw cauliflower is usually relegated to the veggie tray. Try it a different way with this simple salad! Avocados in this recipe bring in a dose of healthy fats and a nice creamy contrast to the crunchy cauliflower pieces.

Kale and Apple Slaw Nutrient-packed kale gets tangy and tender with the addition of this apple cider vinegar dressing. This one is always a hit at classes and events and it only requires a few ingredients! Let it marinate overnight for best results.

Groovy Peach Pear Smoothie This fruity smoothie gets a creamy boost from fresh avocado, which also brings along heart healthy fats!