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dr. yum's Picky Eaters Toolkit

We’ve gathered all our Picky Eaters Toolkit blog stories, videos, recipes, media stories, and webinars in one place for you. Be sure to scroll to find all the resources.

Dr. Yum’s Food Adventure: Home Edition

Your Kitchen Classroom for Picky Eater Prevention and Intervention; a monthly cooking curriculum created by a Pediatrician, a Registered Dietitian, a Pediatric Feeding Specialist, and an Early Childhood Educator.

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Picky Eaters Toolkit: stories

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Picky Eaters Toolkit: videos

Picky Eater Tips from Dr. Yum
The Joy of Prepping Pineapples
The Joy of Peppers
The Joy of Cutting Onions
One Simple Tip for Making Satisfying Meals with What You Have On-Hand
The Easy Thing You're Not Doing to Make Your Food Taste Amazing
The Joy of Cutting Garlic
The Joy of Cutting Mango
No Picky Eaters with Dr. Yum's Preschool Food Adventure FUN
Bean Burgers
Zane's Salad Lab
Whole Fruit Popsicles
Prepping Spaghetti Squash
How to Eat a Pomegranate
How to Bake a Pumpkin
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Picky Eaters Toolkit: media


Dr. Yum Project joins national Veggies Early & Often campaign

The Dr. Yum Project has joined Partnership for a Healthy America to launch a national Veggies Early & Often program to encourage kids to eat more vegetables and to help adults identify the most nutritious products.

Kitchen Pantry Hacks

Duke University experts share strategies for staples that make healthy, low-maintenance meals, including Dr. Yum's Meal-o-Matic

Dr. Yum's Healthy Back to School Foods

Dr. Yum joined the morning crew at the Richmond CBS station to share her best tips on how to get the most out of your kids' lunches.

Dr. Yum's Book Helps Combat Childhood Obesity

“Raising a Healthy, Happy Eater: A Stage-by-Stage Guide to Setting Your Child on the Path to Adventurous Eating” is a book that has become a popular tool among parents who are searching for simple ways to help their children learn to embrace healthy eating.

Taste the Dr. Yum Project ~ National Nutrution Month

Kids can be finicky when it comes to trying new foods, but it’s important to teach them good, healthy eating habits early.

Picky Eaters Toolkit: recipes